Monday, August 21, 2006

I Feel Weird

My days of being a full-time Mom are numbered. I had a little taste of it this past weekend and I didn't like it much. First of all, my son went backpacking across the entire Olympic Mountain range--about fifty miles. They did it in four days and thankfully were not bothered by bears. Of course, they know about hanging packs and all of that. But, I kind of worried the entire time because there is no cell phone availability. I was so relieved to get the phone call from him saying they were on their way back and were on the Edmonds ferry. He called from the ferry and we looked out our window and waved. Naturally, we couldn't see anything but the lit up ferry in the distance in the dark....but still.

Secondly, on Friday, my daughter drove on the ferry to Whidbey for the first time by herself on Friday night. Thankfully, we had a rockin' wine tasting party at our house and it kept my mind off of Kaley. There is an instinct to ferry procedure that only the locals understand. But she knew what to do. Lucas reported about the guy who cut in the Edmonds ferry line. A person approached the car and knocked on the window and told him to please go to the back of the line--you just don't cut in a ferry line. After the car pulled out and turned around without incident, everyone in line opened their windows and gave a thumbs up to the brave soul.

On Saturday, my daughter drove to Snohomish for the first time. The drive requires a little freeway and open highway. But she managed. Evidently, there is a coffee house there where bands and musicians play unplugged---raw, new Seattle music. A 19 year old piano player and singer has caught her attention. I guess he is good; she would know. I couldn't breathe until she pulled in the driveway, walked in the house and announced she didn't die. My kids know me and they know how I worry.

But, the day after tomorrow, both of my children leave for college. My work is done. My worry will never stop. The weekend proved it to me.

And now for some photos of what it looks like around here:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Olympic Mountains from our house (file photo)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Photo by Lucas--Olympics when you are in them!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Lucas hiking off the past year's worth of French pastries.

Now I begin a new phase of my life.