Monday, August 14, 2006

Lost Innocence

My post below about Bobby sent me to the closet to look for photograph albums. Remember those? Anyway, the following photos seem like a couple of months ago to me. But, actually, they are half of my kids' lives ago.

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Lucas 11, Seth ? 11, Bobby 12, Kaley 8, Halloween 1996

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Best Birthday Party Ever! 1995 (Lucas in light blue in middle of the back; Bobby in first row, bottom far left in red plaid)

Lucas and his friends still talk about the famous "pie throwing" party. Lucas was turning 10 and Bobby was almost 11. All we did was buy some paper plates and cans of whipped cream at Costco and turned them loose in our backyard. I must admit, it took a while to get the "cheese" smell out of the back yard and Lucas's hair.