Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mid-September Musings

1. This morning it is 58 degrees outside, cloudy and a little breezy. In my house it is 66 degrees. This time of year I would always drive my kids nuts because I refuse to turn on the furnace---my way of not accepting the end of summer. But my kids are not here!

2. Hubby left for Yakima this morning to pick up the grape harvest. It is that time of year for crushing grapes and making wine. Also, it is the time of year to fish for Coho. So many choices. I have not seen much of him this week because he was in Ohio being advisory.

3. Last weekend was the Mukilteo Festival with fireworks over Puget Sound and a salmon BBQ. Our church entered the parade again for the second year. I walked Apolo who was behaving terribly before the parade started. He was stealing dog bisquits from our members' baskets intended for the crowd. But as soon as he saw the people lined along the street, he turned into a different dog--like the parade was all about him. He pranced and smiled and walked perfectly on his leash. Apolo was the walking advertisement for our Pet Blessing Sunday. "If you get your canine blessed, he will act just like golden wonder boy!"

4. I have heard from my children. Lucas and two other guys live in an apartment with a bathroom. Bathrooms need to be cleaned now and then with three guys using it. They don't know how. The choices for cleaning products are mind boggling to 21 year olds. I was actually telling my spawn how to use scouring powder. As for Kaley, she is enjoying her makeshift singing ensemble. My daughter has not been attending the parties where all of the drinking occurs but she said the drunk kids come out on the lawn to dance to their music. They need a name for their trio and it might be "Further Down the Field". She explained, "Every time the *&^% sprinklers come on, the three of us have to grab our two guitars and drum and run further down the stupid field. I hate those sprinklers!" I am not sure how classes are actually going.

5. I played Judge Janet this week with a hearing in downtown Seattle. I decided the one suit I bought when Kaley was 5 is a little out of date. Seriously, since I have rarely encountered the same attorneys more than once in 13 years, I have worn the same suit every time. I actually went shopping and purchased something rather professional looking to wear for the next 13 years. The view of the Seattle waterfront was terrific from a 24th floor.

6. And finally, I had my chance to be neighborly. I was walking Apolo by a house that is for sale. It has great views with two big decks. I noticed three people standing out on the deck waving at me. "Do I know these folks?" I thought to myself, "Oh, I bet they saw me and my perfect dog in the parade--yea that's it." I waved back.

"Can you please help us?" the woman yelled. "I'm a real estate agent showing this couple the house and we are locked out on the deck. The front door is open. Would you mind going in the front door and walking through the living room to the French doors to the deck--and then just open the door? I can't seem to get a hold of people at my office."

"Ah, sure. No problem," I responded. Hmmm, it wasn't my pretty puppy after all. They locked themselves out on that deck? Oh my! You know that feeling when you can't stop your face from breaking into a smile? I wrapped Apolo's leash around a support post under the deck and marched up the steps into the strange house. My parade puppy threw a major tantrum the second I was out of his sight even though I instructed him to sit, stay and no bark. The people were incredibly grateful though I was apologizing for my spoiled furry child. But, I guess on the embarrassment scale, they won.

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The Coho are running! The fishermen fish.

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And the sailors sail.