Friday, October 20, 2006

A Place I Never Thought I'd Be!

On the last day of the family reunion in Kansas, a strange thing happened. Dave's cousins told Dave and his sister and brother about the Nascar race track near Kansas City. The track was right off the freeway on the way to the airport. For a "small" fee, you can get in line to have unknown Nascar drivers speed you around the track at 180 MPH.

The decision was five to one (with me being the only dissenting opinion) to pull off the freeway and take in the experience. I had been such a good sport. I had willingly spent an entire weekend with a whole bunch of Eatons I did not know; I drove a golf cart and watched people play golf for six hours; I tried to do RA RA KState---go purple. Moreover, I went to Kansas, the land of no mountains, heat in October, and gigantic toilet cockroaches---a place I have avoided for 27 years. I even tried a beer and proved to all of the Eatons who have significant ties to Coors in Colorado, that I have no idea how to drink it. I took a big swig and it foamed up all over the place. Geez! And I was taller than everyone. My husband tried to explain to the crowd that I was a beer virgin.

Unbelievably, I found myself at a Nascar track in line with people who seriously wanted to go zooming around in a circle for three minutes. "Janet, don't you want to do it--for the experience? I mean this is a once in a lifetime chance!" they all chimed in. Fortunately, Dave's sister wasn't so thrilled with getting into a fire proof suit in 85 degree weather, so the two of us observed. What I found astounding was that I had no idea what the folks in line were even talking about. They were throwing around names I'd never heard of and described other tracks I had no idea about and different cars and.... It could have been a long lost language they were speaking only found in the Dead Sea Scrolls for all I knew.

My camera came to my rescue. Was I really in that place? I listened to my family speak of g-force around the corners and how they really could not see much. They all seemed to enjoy their 3 minutes. My husband was happy, however, that I chose to save us a few bucks by not participating. What he doesn't realize is if he got to spend $100 to go 180 mph, I get to spend $100 on something I think is worthwhile.

I have yet to decide??!!

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Getting suited up!

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Dave with fire proof beanie.

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A little car sick maybe?? Maybe! Ha!