Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

1. My daughter got home from college last Friday night. She was excited to spend time with a very new boyfriend from Snohomish. Unfortunately, on Monday after seeing this awful movie, Borat, he "dumped" her. These are her words. My heart goes out to her. For a while there, she believed she had met her soul mate. I can't understand why this boy isn't in love with my daughter. I can't stand the fact that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it except be a sympathetic ear. And really, it is his loss.

2. My daughter had sent me an e-mail that she was going to do something over break and for the first time, she wasn't going to tell me what it was. Naturally, my imagination took a wild trip but then came back to reality knowing Kaley. As we were bringing her home from the bus, I guessed it. She was so mad that I know her so well that she couldn't even keep a secret from me. "So, you are getting your nose pierced?"

"How did you know? Lucas told you, didn't he? Damn him."

"Nope, I just kind of put two and two together from little things you said and the wine tasting group brought up the possibility of body piercings. And I thought---yes, your nose! That's it!"

I could not object because the first thing I did when I went to college at 18 was to get my ears pierced against my father's wishes. His response was to make me a pair of earrings out of deer scat--varnished and everything.

3. Kaley thinks she is like Izzy on Grey's Anatomy so her response to being dumped has been to bake. So far, she made dinner rolls from scratch, two pumpkin pies, butternut squash tarts and chocolate chip oatmeal oatmeal cookies and it has only been two days since her break up. Boy in Snohomish--you do not know what you gave up. Your loss. She was crazy about you.

4. I am madly trying to clean up the house because Lucas is bringing home three French kids including his girlfriend to experience an authentic American Thanksgiving. It seems like I have been buying pillows. The kids took pillows to college and I have no pillows for all of the beds.

5. Lucas is driving home from Montana as I write this. Always, I am nervous about it because of the roads. He called me from Ritzville and Lookout Pass on the Montana/Idaho border was pretty terrible but he is in a Jeep. He wanted me to check the pass cam for Snoqualmie. So far, it looks ok.

6. Lucas just called me again from the Scenic Lookout at the Columbia Gorge. Evidently, there was a group of French exchange students there driving to Seattle from Whitworth College in Spokane. Much French was spoken and Lucas realized he knew one of the girls. She remembered him from Rennes last year as the American anthropology student. What are the chances of that???? That Lucas would meet someone he knew from Rennes, France in the absolute middle of no where???

Well, you'd have to know Lucas.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for nose piercings, France, and an old 1987 Jeep Cherokee!