Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day---Day 2

Good: Kids have another day of Thanksgiving break all over the Puget Sound area from the Canadian border to south of Olympia.

Bad: Complete chaos has broken out because the six inches of snow began to melt last night and then froze as temperatures dropped. An inch thick sheet of ice covers the freeways and side roads.

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But not at my house!!!!
I took this picture of my street five minutes ago. A beautiful summer day, you think? Green grass and blue sky? Mountains peeking out? Nope, this is today. It is 20 degrees and my husband cannot get to work. Un-freaking-believable!

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Mike Siegel/Seattle Times
And this was yesterday--15 minutes from my house.

Good: Dave can't get to work. And he did get home last night. He took a 4:30 bus from the UW which picked him up at 6:30 and he didn't get home until 8.

Bad: He is stuck at home with his computer. But some people abandoned their cars and spent the night at 24 hour Walgreen's. At midnight last night, the freeways were still parking lots.

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midnight last night.

Good: The King5 website has all sorts of pictures, traffic information, and web cams to show you what it looks like out there beyond our little perfect street.

Bad: Everybody is trying to get on so the website will not load. What will we ever do in a real disaster like an earthquake?

Good: It is easy to clean up all of the dog poop when it is frozen. Over Thanksgiving, we watched Apolo eat one of my decorative gourds. The French kids got quite a kick out of that. But it sort of did a number on his bowels.

Bad: After cleaning up the remains of the decorative gourd in the yard, I placed the mess in the garbage. But the garbage trucks haven't been able to get to us for TWO DAYS! Again, the above photo shows my street with garbage cans. Oh well, at least it is still frozen.

Good: The Seahawks won last night.

Bad: How come the Green Bay Packers couldn't beat us in the snow? The Seahawks have like never played a home game in the snow.

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John Lok/Seattle Times

Good: I don't have to go to the mall today to start my Christmas shopping.

Bad: I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet.

What a deal.

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Camano Island this morning. Very unusual to see the tree-covered island draped with snow like this.