Friday, December 15, 2006

We Have Power!!!

But we do not have a chimney cap. Last night the rain was pouring through three of our windows and the wind was battering our house. I placed our four foot lighted Santa on his back on our upper deck so he would not come crashing through our window along with the water. He was a-dancing around like he was walking on hot coals. Towels were soaking up water on our southwest facing windows when we went to bed. Lights were flickering the whole time and my trusty radio and flashlights were handy. Of course, it is Christmas time so I have candles all over the house if I need them.

In the middle of the night a loud clangy crash hit our roof. Somehow we had managed to fall asleep even though it felt as if a freight train was plowing through our yard. We both jumped out of bed assuming it was our plum tree or the weeping cedar out our bedroom window. But no, they were whipping around but still standing. We even walked outside but it was so black we couldn't see anything and there were no lights on Whidbey. Our power was still intact. Back to bed; back to sleep as the outside calmed.

My plan was to take my friend to the airport. She called to say her flight had been canceled due to power outages at Sea-Tac. Outside I went to figure out the crash. Hmmm. I thought our chimney looked a little shorter than normal. There were no newspapers in my driveway and King5 later reported the Seattle Times and PI had no power so no newspapers. A little more light and I explored around our house again and there it was---a perfectly intact metal thingy tucked behind the weeping cedar.

I found "All About Chimneys" in the yellow pages and gave them a call:

"Hi, yes, this is Janet Eaton and the top of my chimney blew off."

"Oh my God, are you ok? Is anybody hurt?" replied a concerned woman.

"Oh no, I found it in the yard," I admitted.

"Do you mean your chimney CAP blew off?" she inquired.

"Oh, is that what it is--the metal thingy?"

"Honey, there's a big difference between a chimney cap and the top of your entire chimney...(laughter)..."

Then I asked, "Doesn't that keep the rain from coming down the chimney? Is that what it is for?"

"Yes, this is correct. We may be able to get to you today because we have scheduled work in Mukilteo. But if we can't because of all of the downed trees and power lines, I promise you can go a day or two without your chimney cap." At this point, I got the giggles. You gotta admit it is a little easier for Santa without the chimney CAP.

"Believe me, I realize this is minor compared to a tree through the roof--I just thought I'd find out if this quick fix could be fit in among everything else. I mean the screws are all still there and everything."

"(More laughter and laughter from the background)...Yes, this will not be difficult--we'll try to get to you today. $39.95 to put up the ladder. Will you be home?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My Chimney CAP!

Yep, I'll be here--cleaning beard hair out of bathrooms and changing sheets and looking for more pillows in anticipation of my French and American kids arriving this weekend.

I am amazed that I had this little problem and there it was in the yellow pages--a chimney fixer.
Man, I wish I could find a window fixer for $39.95.