Saturday, January 06, 2007

And on it goes.....!

Our wild weather continues. We had another doozy yesterday and last night of extreme wind and sideways rain. This morning the sun and the mountains were out. The water was calm as if Mother Nature was saying, "Who me?"

Our power went out---twice. The December 14th storm didn't knock our power out but this one did. I do have an emergency cupboard with a first aid kit, radio, police scanner, and flashlights and extra batteries. Lucas has a head lamp he uses camping. It was 5 PM and Kaley was getting ready to go out with friends. She was a little horrified that the complete darkness was prohibitive to the application of make up. Lucas rigged her up with the head lamp and a big flashlight. She didn't like it much that we thought she was particularly funny. We have a gas fire place and a regular fire place for heat. I still had Christmas candles on hand. Our gas stove still works without electricity as well. I proceeded to prepare an omelette while Lucas held the flashlight.

The outage didn't last long but the storm continued. Of course, our leaky window that is caulked up the wazoo still leaks like a sieve. Lucas was planning on driving to Bellingham which is half way to Vancouver BC to see from friends. It made me nervous on such a stormy night. Dave and I went to bed and sometime in the night before Lucas got home, the power went out again and was out most of the night.

Lucas said that at 2 in the morning as he was driving back, everything looked like a war zone. He could not get back to take his friend home on the other side of the gulch from here because of a tree blocking the road. They had to find another route. He managed to get behind a fire truck on the way back to our house for which I was grateful. They traveled slowly looking for downed trees and power lines.

My guess is that Mother Nature realized she had forgotten us on December 14th so she made up for it last night. Another home was smashed by a tree in Everett with the family just being missed as they slept.

Vancouver BC was hit as well. The roof of BC Place Stadium collapsed yesterday because the wind ripped a hole in it. Lucas had played there with orchestra at one time. The plan has been that the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics would be held there. This has not been a planned part of the Olympic construction but I guess it is now!

And on it goes.

UPDATE Wind and rain continued last night again. Poor Apolo isn't sleeping all night because he is so afraid of the wind. Anyway, I found this picture and caption on the King5 website and I got quite a chuckle out of it.

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Rock & Roll
By Ross Fotheringham
Ferry ride 7 dollars. Car Wash on Ferry Zero Dollars. Having your picture shown "On Air" Priceless! Location: Mukilteo Washington

Date: Friday, Jan 5th, 2007