Monday, January 08, 2007

Today Is My Birthday!

I always knew I shared a birthday with Elvis. In fact, he was born in 1935 and I was born in 1953. The year numbers are transposed. This is cool. Also, I share a birthday with Stephen Hawking who turns 65 and amazingly is still alive. I did not know we shared birthdays until today when I saw it in the newspaper. This is cool, too. Frankly, I did not recognize any of the other names listed in the celebrity birthdays.

My kids are still here which is neat so I took them to lunch. Kaley will cook us a family dinner this evening. My age of 54 is rather horrifying. SCREAM! Oh well. I do not feel any different than I did 30 years ago. True, I have a few more well-earned lines on my face but I still do not see anything so earth shattering that I would consider having anything done about it. Living for 28 years in a sunless city has been good to my face.

Lucas accompanied me on my walk today. Kaley decided to try out a new gym in our area so she went there for her exercise instead of with us. We took along the camera because a medium sized tree tipped over onto a house on our street in our latest wind storm. I wanted a photo. This particular house has a sturdy tile roof so it doesn't look like much damage. What has happened is that our ground is so saturated, it is not holding the trees. And yes, the back side of our property has more mudslide. Nothing can be done about it until spring and summer when we can plant more ground covers and bushes.

They say tomorrow yet another "Big Blow" will come through. Geez! I am tired of it. Give me drizzle and fog--please!

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Me and Apolo

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Uprooted tree--see the root ball?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tree from the front of the house--at least it didn't smash through the roof.