Monday, March 12, 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

1. SusanG suggested I take a look at today's Doonesbury comic strip about Seattle so here is a link:


Update: and here is today's comic strip about our big trees and grayness:

2. Simon Cowell can eat crow. Two of the men finalists in American Idol are from Seattle. What is really funny is that my husband was out to dinner with some scientist guy on Thursday who just happens to be Blake Lewis's uncle. Small world.

3. I do not understand how 60 degrees with wind and rain here feels like Hawaii when in Florida tha same conditions caused me to freeze to death. We were having a "pineapple express" over the weekend with tropical air, wind and rain direct from Hawaii. I walked the dog in it yesterday and I swear I could smell plumeria and pineapple. It felt so warm even though it was wet.

4. Saturday night I took my daughter, who is home on spring break, to the opera. It was Seattle Opera's Julius Ceasar by Handel. Oh my! I had never been to a full blown opera before and I liked it. I guess when it was written the part of Ceasar was intended to be performed by a castrato. But since this is considered barbaric nowadays, the lead role was played by a woman with a contralto voice. Man, could she hit some low notes! Even so, one of the male leads was a counter tenor and another, a male soprano. Evidently, these men came by their voices naturally. Woman, could they hit some high notes. I don't know--I was completely stunned by all of this but glad to have my daughter with me who explained everything.

5. The "Donald" wants to build a Trump Tower in Seattle. Yea.....right! His daughter, Annoyka, or whatever her name is, was here for a day and took a walk in Pike Place market. She proclaimed, "I totally get Seattle!" Yea....right. Our rich people for the most part don't act like the Trumps---at least the ones who either grew up here or who have lived here nearly 30 years. Seattleites don't take kindly to ostentatiousness.


Some quotes:

Some wonder how well a Trump tower would go over in Seattle.

"The Trump brand has sort of this East Coast, gold-cuff-links aura," said David Yuan, an architect with NBBJ in Seattle. "I'll be interested to see how that plays out in Seattle with our history of being pretty practical.

"We wear galoshes and windbreakers," Yuan added. "That's not the Trump image."......

......... Ivanka gets Seattle.

"When we met, she had already walked around downtown and gone down to Pike Place Market," Alpert said. "She didn't have Birkenstocks on, but she had the Ivanka Trump equivalent. She looked like she fit in and felt very comfortable in Seattle."


6. Finally, I think one of the greatest skills to have is toilet fixing. My husband can fix toilets. The toilet in our master bath has been fickle lately and finally it just died and quit flushing. The problem is we are planning to remodel our bathroom. The tile is all icky and the bath tub, toilet and sinks are....pink. I like pink but mainly with flowers and not toilets.

We really need a new toilet but not quite yet because a remodel project is still months away. If we called someone to fix it, it would cost as much as a new toilet. So, Dave took it all apart and made several trips to Home Depot and swore a whole bunch about corroded this and corroded that. I am certain it was the swearing that did the trick because after a litany of expletives, it finally flushed properly.

So far so good. But, we really need a new one.