Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vocabulary Word of the Day---

Our house is located directly under the Puget Sound Convergence Zone. We have the Olympic Mountains to the west of us with Puget Sound in between. The Cascades are to the east of us. When marine air from the ocean flows around either end of the Olympic Mountains and then crashes into the Cascades, weird things happen in the sky over Mukilteo. For a more scientific explanation and a map, see the following link:


The gigantic understatement in the article, "It's just part of what makes weather interesting in the Puget Sound area."

Yesterday afternoon at 4 PM, I called Dave at the University and wondered whether he was thinking about heading home. "Why? What's wrong?"

"Uh, I know tomorrow is March first but it is snowing---like a blizzard, like crazy."

"What? It's not even raining here in Seattle. What do you mean it is snowing--some flakes mixed a little with rain?" he wondered.

"Uh, no, more like three inches on the ground at our house and about five inches up at QFC," I replied dryly.

All together children: CONVERGENCE ZONE! And yes, Snow Day number six for the Mukilteo kids this winter. Never in the 28 years we have lived here has it ever snowed this much on March 1. Never in the four years we have lived in this house has it snowed six inches. WE HAVE 6 INCHES OF SNOW ON MARINE VIEW DRIVE.....in Mukilteo. And in Seattle 2o minutes down I-5, there is none--nada. Seattle students are in school this morning but the UW is missing one professor who lives under the Puget Sound Convergence Zone.

Usually, the Convergence Zone gives us wild winds and sideways rain and occasionally more snow than other areas but today is an extreme example of what it can do. So here is what a Convergence Zone looks like.

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Taken yesterday at 4 PM February 28. 32.2 degrees.

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Taken just a while ago at 7 AM March 1--six inches of snow.

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Those darn Olympics!

I simply cannot believe I was worried about sunburn in the Bahamas two weeks ago.