Saturday, April 07, 2007

And This Really Happened Just Now

Dave and I were eating King Crab on this Easter Eve. As most people who know me realize, I find whales to be a spiritual experience. I saw orcas once on Thanksgiving day so to see whales on Easter is just fabulous. I admit, I belong to a whale sighting network so I receive regular e-mails tracking the whales. At this particular time of year, gray whales make a foray into Puget Sound on their way from Mexico to Alaska and people have been seeing a few of them here and there around Whidbey and Camano Islands in the last few days. In fact, I saw spouts quite a ways away just a few days ago.

As we were finishing our crab, I said to my husband this would be perfect if I saw a whale closer than what I saw the other day. The minute I finished saying that, we both saw a spout. I screamed so loud that Dave covered his ears. I'm sorry but this is the ultimate for me. We watched as, I believe, two whales traveled north toward the ferry. Dave only saw one but I am certain I saw two whale backs come out of the water. We also saw tail. Since I belong to the whale sighting network, it is my responsibility to report what I see with as much detail as I can muster. Happily, I just did.


Jumping up and down--Happy Easter everyone!