Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Car Pictures Part 2

So much is happening with my children home. This morning my daughter was running around the house asking ME where HER glasses were. At the very same moment, Lucas was telling me we never have any toilet paper. I keep telling him we have tons of Costco toilet paper in the closet right next to his bathroom but I have to get HIS toilet paper. They're bAAAAAAck! No really, it makes me feel like a Mom again and I was missing the feeling.

On Saturday night, my husband's brother and wife and three of their four children with their significant others came to our house for dinner. Most were from Spokane. Lucas and Magali got home just in time and Kaley was here, too and made one of her Kaley cakes for dessert. One of our nephew's has a six month old baby who came along. They were up here from California which was the cause of the get together. Thirteen people scrunched into the dining room because it was too cold to eat outside. It was terrific fun.

And last week in Montana, we also had the chance to see my brother and his wife and two of their three children and significant others. One of my nephew's in Helena has two adorable adorable children, Isabel age 4 and Samuel age 1. I love looking at everyone's faces and seeing some family resemblance. Dave and his brother look very much alike as middle aged men though they did not as children. My brother and I look nothing alike and never did. My kids look nothing like anyone in my family but have some resemblance to members of my husband's family. It is all just weird, genetics and all.

Nevertheless, the conversations with my brother and family and conversations with Dave's brother and family were so completely enjoyable. We all need to get together more often. The last time I'd seen some of these folks was a funeral seven years ago.

So more car pictures:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Rockery on I-90 between Helena and Missoula

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Blue Mountains outside Walla Walla from Hwy 12---Eastern Washington's Wine Country

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The craggy Cascades--almost home and about 50 miles from Seattle on I-90