Monday, May 07, 2007

Damp and Misty

This is hard to explain but it is one of the reasons I love living here. Yesterday, the sun never did shine. The skies were gray all day but there was no wind and not really anything I would call rain. The temperature hung around 55. The humidity was 96%. At times, our back deck looked like it was being sprinkled with drops but you could barely feel anything on your skin except for mist. When we travel, it is the dampness and the mistiness that I miss.

I know that my friend who moved here from Colorado made it through the winter fine but spring is getting to her. She is used to hot dry sun this time of year and temperatures near 80. I told her to take B-complex vitamins to fight seasonal affective disorder because it could be this way until after the 4th of July.

At about 5 PM yesterday, before we cooked our dinner, Dave and I took Apolo for his walk. We talked about the damp and the mist and tried to describe the smell to each other. Rotting wood, wet leaves, fresh dirt, whiffs of flower blossoms, and cedar bark came to mind. Apolo rolled in patches of soggy grass until he was wet. My hair frizzed. And I found myself taking deep breaths. It just feels good--that's all.

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The shady side of our house where the ferns and hostas grow (if we can keep Apolo from eating the hostas).

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Azaleas and rhodies (the sun is shining today and I took this a few minutes ago).

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Mist hanging over Whidbey last night after our walk.