Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm So Excited!

Seattle's own Apolo and his dancing partner, Julianne, took the trophy last night on Dancing With the Stars. My reluctant children watched out of curiosity thinking the entire time that their mother had gone completely bonkers on Monday and Tuesday nights. When we had relatives for dinner on Saturday night, however, my children learned that their Aunt Kathy was just as nuts about watching this reality TV show as I was. I mean, come on, I named my dog after the guy--what do you expect?

On the local news after the big win last night, they stated that now the whole country knows how special and amazing Apolo is. But, Seattle has known it for a long time, they added. He used to make the sports news as a little boy when he was on roller skates and now he is all grown up at 25.

Congratulations Apolo and Julianne. They say he is planning on skating in the 2010 Olympics. Since the speedskating venue will be right up the road in Vancouver, you can bet I'll have tickets. It has been fun to watch him dance but I have had the good fortune to watch him compete in short track in person. Witnessing him fly by spraying ice chips all over is nothing less than a complete thrill.

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Competing in Calgary, 2003 (my bad picture)

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Dancing Champion, 2007 (ABC)

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I guess he used to break dance when he dabbled with Seattle gangs back in the day. He turned his life around though I have never believed he was really very involved in bad behavior. His Dad nipped it in the bud----Thanks Yuki! (ABC)

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Adorable couple. (ABC)