Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Children's Friends

From the time my children were in pre-school until now, I have always been impressed with the young people they have picked to be their friends. Both of my kids had wonderful high school friends and college is turning out to be the same. I am pleased with the friends they have picked to "date" as well.

Always, they have chosen to be around kind, fascinating, smart and highly capable people. We just got an e-mail that one of Lucas' best friends received a stunning honor. Her name is Hilary and Lucas went to Guatemala with her and has played in the orchestra at the University of Montana with her for four years. She has stayed with us in Mukilteo at times when Lucas has brought home his interesting friends. Just a couple of weeks ago we saw her and spoke to her in Missoula because she played her violin in an ensemble with Lucas.

So here is dear Hilary! She is named one of the top ten college women in America by Glamour Magazine!! How cool is that. Also, I am proud that the University of Montana is represented among this group of stellar young women from Yale, Harvard, MIT, etc.

Congratulations, Hilary.

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"She helped make a space discovery

Hilary Martens, 21, University of Montana
HER GOAL: To be a physics professor and a lead researcher on a future space mission.

HER MOTIVATION: Martens, a physics and music major, remembers camping at Glacier National Park, where she’d stare at the night sky for hours. “I wanted to know what was out there,” she says. Last summer, while working for NASA, Martens helped discover what physicists believe may be an atmosphere around one of Saturn’s moons. The accomplished violinist composes music inspired by her research.

HOW SHE LETS OFF STEAM: Marathon canoeing (up to 20 miles!) with her dad. "

—Tiffany Blackstone