Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Son is a College Graduate!

Wow! Does that sound terrific! I really wanted to see his name on the lists before I believed it. Really, he missed most of his credits last year because of being in France and losing an entire semester. In essence, he managed to finish everything he needed in three years with one year of pure entertainment. Lucas graduated as a University Scholar for the Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana with high honors as an Anthropology/Linguistics major, French minor.

We spent the last week in Montana attending graduation celebrations, Mother's Day celebrations and moving our daughter home from Whitman College in Walla Walla where she finished up her first year. I have lots of blog material and sometimes I think I should change the name to Montana Musings. But for now, I will post some pictures of my son, the college graduate.

Both my Dad and my Grandmother graduated from the University of Montana. My Mom attended three years there and finished her degree in Helena at Carroll College after my Dad died. So--the UM is a family thing even though Dave and I went to the rival school---Montana State. The truth be told, this is where my Mom and Dad met, fell in love and married so it is kind of an important place. My Mom was thrilled to be a part of her grandson's graduation from her husband's alma mater.

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Davidson Honors College reception---Grandma giving advice.

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After the reception where we shook hands with Governor Schweitzer of Montana.

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The prayers and blessings and a praise song at the graduation ceremony were done by honest to goodness Blackfeet Indians. It was very moving and certainly a Montana moment.

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And here he is--all graduated with Magali, Dave, me and my Mom. Congratulations, Babes! We are so proud of you.