Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Children.....Have Jobs!

My children are gainfully employed and it is a little weird for me. I still think of them and have dreams about them as they are in the photo below which I have recycled from another blog post.

Kaley was the first to land her position. She prepared a sophisticated resume which included her college success to date, her music achievements, and her skills as a "foodie." For years, Kaley has thrown big parties for her friends and she has planned and prepared the food with ease. I am not talking pizza and chips here. At her last Christmas party, she had Dave and me sitting at a table slicing open tiny pumpkin bisquits, spreading them with cherry preserves, placing pieces of duck that she roasted herself, and topping them with arugula. Her boyfriend from Portland is now visiting and to greet him, she prepared braised chicken thighs with shallots, cinnamon sticks, pomegranate juice, and red wine served with pine nut couscous, roasted carrots and broccoli with olive oil, and for dessert, strawberry rhubarb pie. We weren't invited and she did all of it without help.

Anyway, she found a listing for line cook at a well-known Seattle Italian restaurant. With absolutely no experience, she convinced them after two tryouts to hire her. She works in a kitchen with mostly men chefs over the age of 25 and she is not only holding her own but she loves it. At her own station which is in view of diners because it is an open kitchen, she prepares salads, appetizer plates, bread, and she plates desserts. I am amazed because she is self-taught. She learned nothing of these matters at my apron strings.

Lucas, now a college graduate, was feeling a little out done by his little sister when a job literally landed in his lap. A friend of his from high school called him up and told him his father's Bellevue business needed help--fast. They needed French speakers and writers. Evidently, this business has entered a Canadian market and everywhere in Canada, the law requires all publications to be in both English and French.

Lucas has discovered he is working with fascinating people from Brazil, Senegal, and Morocco who all speak French. He works on a computer and definitely thinks his language skills are stronger than his computer skills but is grateful he is being challenged to become more computer savvy. Naturally, he is pleased he is earning more than twice as much as his sister. The job at the moment is temporary and project based but since Lucas is planning to take off to France in the near future, it works for him.

Both children are commuting in Seattle traffic which has opened their eyes to why their Dad takes the bus. As a result, gas prices are now really affecting this family. Both of these employments are skilled jobs but yet they are not full time and have no benefits. Neither child would be able to rent even a shack in Seattle with their earnings.

And this, my friends, opens my eyes and gives me pause!

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Mother's Day 1995 on Whidbey. Lucas almost 10, Kaley 7, and poor poor Jed on his last outing before we had to put him to sleep because of cancer.