Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

I am frustrated. Our old computer was doing bad things and people who know about such things told us it didn't cost much more to buy a new computer than to try and fix a six year old ancient relic.

So we have a new computer. I am not intuitively intelligent. My husband and my daughter are. You change something in their lives and they just figure it out. My son and I are learners. You teach us something and we learn it quickly and remember it forever. But, we are not good at figuring things out in the first place. So if you change a routine in our lives, somebody has to reteach us. Getting a new computer has caused me incredible grief. I can't find my e-mails; I cannot find my pictures; I do not know how to update my blog; and every blog I visit now requires me to re-register. SCREAM!!

Here I am on the 4th of July trying to get used to new everything on the computer screen. My hubby had a huge load of bark delivered and he and Lucas are out there spreading it. I have the den window open and every now and then I am yelling at the both of them to help me. So Dave shakes the bark off and comes in to try and figure things out that I probably know more about than him. The new computer doesn't affect them much because they all have lap tops operated by some weird, in the sky but also via some router plug in something or other wireless whatever. As long as this computer is hooked up to the internet, they are just fine and have no changes.

This is my test post. I took a picture of Apolo in front of my gorgeous hydranga that did not bloom last year. I love it. They are always blooming around the 4th of July. It is like a big rhodie/lilac combo. Unfortunately, when you pick them and put them in water, they do not last long as a bouquet. Ok, here goes--I'll see if I can post the picture on here.

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This is a load of.....bark!

Happy Fourth! I guess.