Friday, July 13, 2007

I Think I Just Did Something Stupid

This morning the sky became quite dark. I am a stickler for my routine and my walk with my puppy so I was not about to let an ominous sky keep me inside. Off I went. The sky was a series of constant rumbles which I realized was thunder. Naturally, if there is thunder, there is lightning. Rather than return home, I kept to my route but I kind of walked and ran. Every time Apolo stopped to sniff, I pulled him along.

I did make it home before anything happened. The thought occurred to me that being struck by lightning would not have been impossible. My dog leash has metal parts and we walk around and under some mighty big trees. Not many people were outside. Every time the sky boomed, Apolo's ears went back and he moved closer to me. He is not over last week, yet.

It all seems to be over now but I found this article on the King5 website.


I guess we were hit with 275 lightning strikes as the storm moved over us. On the eastside, a tree was hit and flames jumped to a house.

I think I was dumb.