Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Day, Another Lake

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Temperatures were in the 80's with full sun and clear views. This morning when I got up, it was foggy out on the water, drizzly on the deck, and not even 60 degrees.

My friend and I with three dogs hiked to Heather Lake off the Mountain Loop Highway yesterday. The typical 1500 feet elevation gain to get up into the mountains also brought us into some very large trees. As always, the reward was at the end as we arrived at the lake and our babies frolicked in the clear cold water.

To be honest, our picnic lunch was out of control with millions of biting flies and three big muddy dogs with very bad manners. Actually, my friend's dog, who is a mutt but has some Golden in him, is behaved but the two Golden Retrievers were kind of terrible. The other Golden was my friend's house guest. A leisurely restful lunch we did not have. It was fun anyway. Pictures:

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Heather Lake with Mt. Pilchuck in the background and still a speck of snow.

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Apolo and Emma out in the water.

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Three very tired puppies on the way home in the back of the van. From top to bottom, Emma, Max, and Apolo like three color swatches on a designer paint card. As you can see, my puppy thought it was beneath him to be in the back with the other dogs. The look in his eyes is, "And why am I not in the front seat with you? This is not fair."