Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Sad Discovery

The local TV station had a story on last night about the discovery of a deceased diver in Commencement Bay near Tacoma. My thoughts are with the person's family who will now find closure. What I do not quite understand is that they seem to have no clue who the person is. It is not like someone went missing while scuba diving a couple of days ago and they finally found him. No, another diver came across him by accident. They think he's been down there a while. I would think there would have been loved ones looking for this guy. Maybe they were a long time ago and they gave up.


And of course, there is always that other unmentionable bit of information. I will never forget when my husband told me that our crabs go after drowned humans. Oftentimes, when they pull up the body, it is completely covered. They never tell you that. First of all, it is gross. Second, it is not good for the crab business. I don't think this diver was covered with crabs which is why they think he has probably been down there a while. This is all they said:

"All he had seen was just a white skull. The white skull and a complete suit, tank, BCD, weights everything is there," said Pollack. Once the body was found, an underwater robot was sent in to retrieve it....

Detectives say with the marine life underwater in Puget Sound, it does not take very long for a body to become decomposed.

See? They never quite explain exactly what Puget Sound "marine life" does the job. But anyone who goes crabbing regularly knows. My husband usually uses fish skeletons for crab bait from his salmon which he keeps in our freezer. If he runs out of those, raw chicken parts work. Also, I guess canned cat food, the stinkier the better, appeals to the Dungeness. The last time my husband went out crabbing, he stopped at a mini-mart on the way to the boat launch to get some cat food. The clerk, unfamiliar with the culture of our area, asked him why all these guys were coming in to buy cat food. He was running out of the salmon variety. Hubby's two word response, "Crab bait."

Seriously, I do not mean to be disrespectful. I hope they find the family quickly because it must be terrible to have a loved one go missing with no answer about what happened. When Kaley left her phone in her car when she got to Portland and forgot to call me when she arrived, I went completely nutzoid. With complete anxiety, I was demanding that we do something to find her. Lucas calmly said that she probably left her phone in the car and he was right. I cannot imagine not knowing for months or years. I lost it for two hours.

They discovered the diver's body on Monday and I have been checking the article for updates. Peace to the loved ones.