Friday, September 14, 2007

A Few Days of Spectacular Weather

Indeed! It has been warm and sunny for the last few days. We start with a little fog in the morning but it has been burning off by afternoon. Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go for a day hike to take advantage of our lovely days. The drive toward HW2 and Stevens Pass began in thick fog to the point that I had to turn on my headlights. We were dressed in shorts and were hoping. Sure enough, as we reached the trailhead, the craggy tops of the mountains near Index and Baring startled my friend as the blue sky emerged. She has lived here for a year and has been over this highway several times but probably the clouds never cleared away enough for her to see the rugged escarpments.

Our destination was Barclay Lake which is an extremely popular hike and not strenuous. Our hearts sort of sank at the trailhead because there were so many cars but it turned out they were trail maintenance volunteers and we passed them about half way up. We were the only hikers and had the entire lake to ourselves. Our puppies had the time of their lives, as usual. We both remarked how our beloved dogs are filling voids in our lives left by our growing children.

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Glacier carved escarpment overhanging Barclay Lake.

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Barclay Lake was low.

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Post swim. Nora was holding a piece of cheese to get this pose while I clicked away.