Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The House is Quiet

Lucas finished his job as tour guide in downtown Seattle. On Monday, Dave and I went to downtown Seattle and took his tour. Lucas did a great job and I learned facts about Seattle I did not know. Today, with his new blue suitcase, he flew off to Europe. At this very moment he is in the air.

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Lucas, official tour guide, with his little flag pins indicating he speaks both Spanish and French.

Dave is going on another fishing trip with a friend of his to Kodiak, Alaska. He should be there by now. I hope a bear doesn't eat him. His friend's brother lives up there and is a fisherman by trade so they will be staying with him. He knows a whole lot about Kodiak bears which are similar to our grizzlies.

My daughter declared her major today as voice performance. Evidently, they are thinking she is no longer a mezzo but a soprano. I do not really understand these things but the voice is a living breathing entity that changes with age and hormones and all sorts of things. Of course, she will continue with piano the same as before. Also, she is quite excited that the son of a famous male ballet dancer whose initials are MB is attending her college. She even worked out in the gym next to him. This is cool.

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Kaley on the left and her friend in Seattle eating pho at their good bye off to college dinner.

Apolo and I will be alone for the next few days except for the bathroom remodel people who have begun. I am sad and having weird dreams that the kids are little again. In fact, I would be a terrific dramatic movie actor right now because I could cry on cue with no problem.

Lucas UPDATE: Lucas called me from France just across the Swiss border. He finally made it all of the way by noon Thursday. He landed in Geneva where Magali picked him up and they are at her Grandparents' home. Lucas said there is a view of Mont Blanc and it reminds him of Mount Baker.

Dave UPDATE: He and his friend are staying at the friend's brother's house in Kodiak. They have the place to themselves because the brother is out at sea. Here is what Dave said about the house:

Built right on bluff (house is about 30 ft from the bluff, and they appear to be losing some of their yard to the ocean!), is probably 5000 sq ft now, and he is adding an addition that looks like it will be another 5000 sq ft! The new addition is being constructed out of 12 x 12 inch solid beams. Ken said he is bringing in a woodworker from New England to finish the insides! The existing house is older, and quite funky. The living room is huge, with 15+ ft ceilings and a wall of glass windows with an incredible unobstructed view of the water and islands close by. The bank is only about 20 ft high, so they have a big deck built on it, with a set of stairs in the middle that goes down to the beach where their sea kayaks are.