Saturday, September 01, 2007

What is Going on in My Life?

1. My darling Kaley is now back in school in Walla Walla. It was 101 there the other day and she is on the third floor of William O. Douglas Hall, her dorm. Needless to say, fans are essential without air conditioning. As we were moving her in and I was struggling with her comforter, I asked, "Ok, Kaley, tell me who William O. Douglas is since you are living in his building?"

"Mom! I don't know. I only go to school here. Besides, I am a voice and piano major and we do not know things like that." I clutched my heart and almost fainted as I explained he was one of the most outstanding Supreme Court Justices ever. Her assignment was to send me a report about him. I am still waiting. And he even graduated from Whitman.

2. I took an extra long walk today because I missed my walk yesterday to spend time with Lucas. I took him shopping for a new suitcase before he heads off to Europe on Wednesday. The girlfriend awaits.

3. Dave was gone all week--first in San Francisco and then in DC. On Thursday, he missed his connecting flight in Minneapolis on his way back so he was stuck there for the night. I requested that he be careful about the airport bathrooms. On the phone, I instructed him to do nothing unusual with his hands or feet and not to pick up any stray toilet paper off the floor. You see, I have learned a whole bunch of new information this week.

4. We are beginning a remodel project. When we bought this house, the tile in the master bath was in need of replacement. Plus, I cannot stand the pink bath tub, sinks, or toilet. The retiling project turned into an expansion when Dave inherited a little cash upon the death if his Mom. His brother did a remodel with his inheritance and his sister bought a Florida condo. So it seemed fitting to use the money in this way.

Also, we decided we needed another bathroom and lo and behold, we discovered a secret room behind the wall in Kaley's bedroom just big enough to add a sink, bath tub, toilet and closet. When the house was built, this must have been the original plan but lack of money probably dictated they dry wall over it--who knows?

At the moment, I need to be moving out of our bathroom but I feel too lazy. And I am in conflict. Do I clean the bathroom before they demolish it just so they will not think that I am the slob that I am? You, know--soap scum, hair, and mold and all of that? I haven't done much cleaning in there lately because I keep thinking the shower's days are numbered.