Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Challenge!

My last post was a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend. In her words, she described the photo as "ridiculously cute" and suggested I put it on my blog. I obliged.

On Friday night, we attended our annual Halloween wine tasting party. As part of the celebration, everybody comes in costume. Dave and I dressed as crazed folk. My goal was to look like a creepy church lady with heavy make up and bright crooked lipstick. People at the party did not think I looked icky so I did not know if I should be insulted or not. Oh well. The mink stole with whole heads, clawed feet, and tails was creepy enough all on its own. However, Dave achieved his goal just fine!

But daughter dear, here is the challenge to you. I think we are a "ridiculously cute" couple and you should put the picture on your face book. Ha! Gotcha!

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Happy Halloween