Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Only In Seattle

Lists. I found some lists including our fair city and I always find these to be fun.

1. Only in Seattle do we often rank in the top ten but not always. Naturally, we have the most coffee shops and the best coffee but that is not all. Evidently, we are just "sort of " attractive. I found the list prepared by Travel and Leisure Magazine comparing 25 cities and here is how we did. They ranked cities in several categories that supposedly comprise attractiveness: Attractive, Friendly, Stylish, Intelligent, Worldly, Active/Athletic, Fun, Diverse, and People(overall).

Attractive: 12th out of 25. San Fran is 7.
Friendly: 11th out of 25. San Fran is 14.
Stylish: 12th out of 25. San Fran is 3.
Intelligence: We are NUMBER 1, of course. San Fran is 5.
Worldly: 5th out of 25. San Fran is 2.
Athletic/Active: 5th out of 25. San Fran is 6.
Fun: 14th (ouch) out of 25. San Fran is 9. (lighten up people!)
Diverse: 10th out of 25. San Fran is 2.
People (overall): 3rd out of 25. San Fran is number 1.


To Sonia and SusanG who read my blog and who happen to live in the San Francisco area, I bow down to you. You beat us in most categories except we are friendlier; we are more intelligent; and we are more athletic. But hey, it is close and we really are all quite gorgeous.

2. Only in Seattle do we blog more than the rest of the country. Well, to be honest we are not first here either. Austin and Portland beat us but we tied for third with.......San Francisco! And where did I find this information? On a blog, of course---the Citizen Rain blog on the King5 website which provided the link.


3. Only in Seattle is it 70 degrees, clear, and sunny one day (like yesterday) and pouring down sheets of a fine drenching soaking rain the next (like today). Yesterday, my friend and I walked our dogs along the Snohomish River in Everett. I did not bring my camera, unfortunately. But we could see Mt. Baker in one direction, the Cascades in another and even Mt. Rainier was visible. I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses and sun block. Apolo was wild as if it were a spring day. In addition, we saw a large salmon leap out of the river and down river a ways where the water was more clear we saw an even bigger salmon. In a way, it felt like we had stepped into another dimension.

At the moment, I am soaked and cold because I walked Apolo. Back to reality. I need another cup of coffee. Actually, I need to make another pot. Ugh!

We are fun people! Really. We are....fun.