Monday, October 01, 2007

Return of the Rains

We didn't have enough of a summer for me to build up my vitamin D and absorption of sunshine to fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I upped my melatonin and pulled out the bottle of B-complex vitamins this morning. It was dark all weekend and it poured rain yesterday. Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a master bath remodel and the contractor has been trying to get the thing up with the roof before the NOVEMBER storms. It seems the rainy season is here a month early. And since our entire roof has outlived its cedar shake life in this part of the country, we will be having a new roof installed covering our entire house. The rush is on to get this done this week as well. Whew!

At least last night we made a wonderful discovery. Our favorite Indian food restaurant in Edmonds closed this past summer. We have been heart broken because Indian food is a regular part of our lives as is teriyaki and Chinese. There is a good place near Dave's office in Seattle but that is too far to go on a weekend. On Saturday, when we made a crab run to Central Market in Mill Creek, we saw the Clay Pot Grand Opening sign. Since the weather last night was miserable, we decided to treat ourselves by going out to dinner and spicy Indian food was the answer. It was terrific---white table linens and candles but not outrageously expensive and still casual. The menu was extensive and the food was yummy. We completely enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some photos of our expansion! Keep in mind, I merely wanted to retile our bathroom but my husband wanted a big fricking spa bathtub so that is what will be in the middle of this addition.

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The beginning one month ago

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Inside Kaley's closet : This was a fascinating discovery. As part of our remodel process, we were trying to figure out how to add another bathroom. Our house is too big to have only two main bathrooms but there was no place logically in our floor plan to add another entire bathroom. Our powder room isn't big enough to add a shower so we didn't know what to do. Shockingly, while Dave was measuring, we discovered a secret room behind the closet in Kaley's bedroom. (Actually, he could not figure out how as a scientist, his measurements could be five feet off. It was like an incredible gift!) There is no floor but the space is big enough to add a tub/shower, vanity, toilet and a small walk in closet. And it is perfect because her room is the second biggest bedroom in the house so this will create another bedroom/bathroom suite at the opposite end of the house from the master bedroom.

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Taken from outside this morning

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From inside the current bathroom: With all of the rain we have had, I don't see that we even need a bathtub here. There is enough water to have a pond.