Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Caption Contest on Mukilteo Musings

Very few people were driving through Joshua Tree National Park. As such, we stopped at nearly every pullout and most of the nature trails where we took off through the desert looking for coyotes and climbing on rock formations.

But this one.....I just can't quite put my finger on it. I cannot come up with a caption for these photos.

I hand it off to you, my dear readers, to suggest your favorite.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By way of explanation:

First of all, the comments and suggestions were priceless. Even my Mom had an opinion though when she tried to publish her comment, it did not work. Her comment was in essence that her grandchildren said it all.

How did we come upon this......curiosity? Painful 4 hour side effect of Viagra? We had just finished our picnic lunch (see picture below). I had been waving sausage around in the air to attract a coyote or two. Seriously, I wanted one to peek around a rock and beg. I would not have fed it because this is forbidden by park rules, but I just wanted to see one. Nobody else was around and everything was perfectly quiet. Dave walked to the other side of the picnic area to use the outhouse and I decided to step around the rocks surrounding our table to look for coyotes. I noticed a rather well worn trail with no signs. Also, I observed some fresh coyote scat so I followed the trail.

All of a sudden, I looked up. "Oh my goodness!" I stated outloud and then I laughed. I did not think even for an instant that it looked like a thumb, Chuck. Dave came looking for me and I said nothing in order to witness his reaction. Sure enough, he started to laugh. He grabbed the camera from me......and well.....you see the result. We then started to think up captions until we were hysterical and we destroyed any chance to quietly see a coyote. I must say, the footprints to this "jumbo rock" in the Jumbo Rocks picnic area were many. Somewhere out there in cyberspace are thousands of pictures just like ours, I'm certain.