Friday, December 07, 2007

Cosi Fan Tutti

My beautiful and talented daughter made it in to the Whitman College opera this year. The production is Cosi Fan Tutti by Mozart though they are singing it in English. Kaley is a part of the chorus in the cast of 18. We are leaving for Walla Walla tomorrow to see it. She has been having a terrific time and realized she missed the excitment of being on stage performing. The last time was Kamiak's "Grease" in May of 2006 when she played Rizzo.

The year before that she was saucy Kate in "Pirates of Penzance" and before that a prostitute in "Les Miserables." Evidently, as the bakery girl in Cosi, she also is somewhat of a slut. Typecast at age 19! Nah! She loves it. I discovered these photos on the Whitman College website this morning and I was thrilled. They are from last night's opening performance.

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Kaley as the bakery girl.

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Kaley with the banner on the left.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Kaley front middle of the chorus. On the far left of the chorus is McKenna Milici who starred as Dolly in Kamiak's "Hello Dolly" this past May 2007.

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Entire cast. Kaley's head is center back row.

I can't wait to see it. Here is the link to the entire slide show and names of cast and crew members:

Update: Our trip to Walla Walla was enjoyable. The opera was delightful. Kaley wasn't a "slut" at all but completely adorable, cute and flirty on stage handing out her loaves of bread. During intermission, I discovered we were sitting next to Kaley's voice teacher's husband. Her voice teacher had one of the leads in the opera and experiencing her charming performance made me happy she is Kaley's teacher. Because of an important meeting Dave had yesterday afternoon and last night, we flew. This was a pleasant experience because there is a direct Horizon flight from Seattle to Walla Walla that takes only an hour. As a result, we had time to take Kaley and her friends to lunch at a terrific restaurant, find out why her car battery was dead, and visit a wonderful coffee place on Sunday morning with the best pain au chocolates I have eaten this side of Paris. On the flight we also noticed about half of the people were on the same flight the day before and had also attended the opera. Walla Walla is seriously Seattle's eastern most "suburb" even if it is a five hour drive away.