Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Day the Day Before Christmas.....

1. I have not written my Christmas letter nor have I yet sent out cards. Probably, in January. Yes, I will send out Epiphany cards.

2. Il pleut. French--means it is raining. Toujours, il pleut. Of course, this means it is dumping snow on the passes and Puget Sounders are stranded unless they want to put out $600 a ticket to fly someplace....like Montana.

3. Apolo is wandering around the house and I do not trust him even though he is nearly six. Kaley had her annual Christmas party on Friday night. Usually, we keep a baby gate up between the kitchen/family room area and the dining/living room area to keep puppy confined to the kitchen. We take it down when we have parties and put Apolo in the laundry room. Dave thinks Apolo can now have the run of the entire house so we have not yet reattached the baby gate. I have already found him shredding a partial roll of toilet paper in the corner of our bedroom and eating a sock.

4. Speaking of Kaley's annual bash, her boyfriend, Jeff, was here from Portland to attend. He came a couple of days early to help her shop, cook, and prepare food. I whispered to him that if he survived all of this, he was good to go. In addition, he met about 50 of Kaley's friends and male admirers. I was impressed. Some 20 year old young men would have taken off running never to return but he handled it all extremely well.

5. My son just called from Chambery, France. He had a Christmas dinner at Magali's Grandparent's home with all of her relatives. They roasted a turkey with the head still attached--feathers and all. They do that sort of thing in France. The head proves freshness or the fact the animal being eaten is what it is supposed to be.

6. I told Lucas how Jeff had helped with party preparations and faced Kaley's particularly critical and protective friends. His serious response: "Whoa! Rough. Tell Jeff that if he wants to go into the mountains and just shoot stuff to make up for it, I'd be happy to take him."

7. Yesterday, Kaley and I went to "Jesus Christ Superstar," the musical. It played in the Paramount Theater, downtown Seattle for only three shows, yesterday and today. Jesus was played by Ted Neeley who starred as Jesus in the movie 30 years ago. Kaley and I love this musical---Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice. The tickets came to me in one of those unexpected, weird, out of the blue ways. I guess you call it the magic of Christmas. Even though Jesus looked kind of old and is old, his voice is still amazing. He hit some powerful high notes. Wow! The scene in the temple???!! The rest of the young cast was superb. Judas and Mary Magdalene were fantastic. Definitely, this will be one of my life's Christmas highlights.

Go here to the Seattlest blog to see YouTube of Judas played by Corey Glover. Shivers. I'm not kidding.

8. Dave and I miss our families as always. We are stranded this time of year. It is impossible to reasonably travel to Montana. I have said this before: It is easier and cheaper to fly to New York, London, or Paris. All of Dave's family is together in the Spokane area but the roads over the mountains are atrocious. We do not expect family to try to visit us, either. Especially, we miss Lucas.