Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to One and All!

Our family has finished opening presents. Definitely, we scaled back this year on the number of gifts and the cost. We are all getting new bathrooms after all....someday....eventually. Actually, Kaley's bathroom is finished for the most part.

On Sunday evening, we attended a party where most of the people were church friends. A rowdy group of about 25 of us took to the outdoors to do a little caroling for the neighbors. My wish was that we would disturb the peace enough that the Mukilteo police would come. As they say, there is no bad publicity. "Large group of local Episcopalians including the group's priest arrested for public nuisance." But no. We were well received. The rain drenched us and the words of the carols washed off of our song sheets so we had to call it a night after only a few houses.

Unfortunately, I had the beginnings of a cold before the singing adventure. Yesterday, the virus settled in making me miserable. Dave, of course, went into the University leaving the final shopping for me. He is always busy that man of mine. As with Thanksgiving, my goal was to purchase local items for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. Potato chips are my downfall but my head was so stuffy, I indulged by buying Tim's Cascade Jalapeno Hot. Hey, they are local; it is Christmas; and they open up your nose after about three chips.

Our plan to allow Apolo the run of the house now is over. For some reason, this dog has never outgrown the puppy stage. He managed to destroy a roll of Christmas wrapping paper, almost wrecked a Teddy Bear of Kaley's from her boyfriend, and he chewed the heel off her good black shoes just this morning. He is quick and sneaky. But he is cute--no doubt about that.

Remember, today is only the first day of Christmas. We have eleven more to go even if Rite Aid has stripped their shelves to make room for the red hearts.

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Merry Christmas to all. May Peace and Joy be with you today and always.