Monday, December 03, 2007

This is Crazy Nuts!

Our weather is absolutely out of control today. They say we are on track for the most rain in one day ever in the history of Seattle. Bremerton, across the water, has already had more than 10 inches. I have leaking windows and two downspouts spewing water like fountains. The roofing people are on the way here at this moment because it is probably roof debris from the roofing process clogging things up. Of course, my new rubber roof is loving the downpour!

I dared to venture out and take my Apolo for a walk. He fell into a drainage ditch that had water level with the street. He thought it was a continuation of the grass normally there. He's a swimmer and loves water so it was great fun for him. The storm drains had water rushing in them like mini Niagra Falls. My whole walk sounded like the roar of a river.

My contractor was here for a little bit working on our bathrooms when he received a call that the roof at his place of business had water gushing in and over the furnace.

The helicopter just flew by my house low along the water checking for mudslides.

This is crazy!

Some pictures from the King5 website taken just today:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
photo by Bob Brothers

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
photo by Kyle Brose

I know we had this happen last year and the year before but usually these storms are once every few years. They seem to becoming a yearly event and this is not normal!! This is not right. Our Governor, Christine Gregoire has now declared a state wide emergency.

UPDATE: It is now Tuesday morning. Last night on the news, they interviewed one guy who said it right, "This is a typhoon! We are suffering the remnants of a typhoon. Have you ever heard of a typhoon in Washington??" Exactly. This started out with 125 mph winds on the coast three hours away. The problem is we have tons of snow in the mountains and it is melting and cascading down into the rivers. True, other parts of the country experience hurricanes and tornadoes. But I cannot emphasize enough that this is not NORMAL for us every single year.

I am kind of afraid to go look at our back property. I hope it is still there. The wind is still gusting and it kept me awake at times last night. The windows have stopped leaking. Actually, this window thing is a big mystery. The window we have the biggest problem with is the den. In the Christmas light picture below, it is the room directly under our front deck. I have had no less than five handyman types try to fix it to no avail. If I had a million dollars to give a reward, I would set up an internet contest to fix it. No, it is not a new window. In fact, I refuse to have the window replaced until we figure out how to stop the water from pouring in and yesterday, it was pouring in. I went through 15 towels.