Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ugh! My whole family is now sick with the Seattle crud. Dave and I went to bed last night rather than go to a party. I passed my illness to Dave but evidently, a good share of Seattle is suffering from the same thing. The virus attacks without warning and leaves you with gunk behind your nose and in your bronchial tubes causing uncontrolled coughing. On Sunday, the Seattle Symphony's performance of Beethoven's Ninth was accompanied by a thousand coughs during the lulls. Dave said the audience started laughing at the same time because it seemed the majority was suffering from the identical disease. Unfortunately, my daughter woke up with the nastiness this morning. Singers do not cope well with these sorts of things--especially when they are scheduled to sing in church the following Sunday!

From our sick bed last night, we watched the New Year's Eve show broadcast from the Space Needle on King5. The plan was to watch the Space Needle fireworks and then turn off the TV to try to sleep through the coughing. The clock struck midnight....but...nothing. The Space Needle just stood there. Yep, the computer must have had the same virus I've got. Or perhaps the crew setting the whole thing up had to cough at the wrong times and did not get it quite right. Eventually, they manually pushed buttons to set off all of the explosions after the music had finished and several minutes after midnight. It was hilarious. Tech savvy Seattle had a major computer glitch that messed up New Year's Eve. Will this little piece of embarrassing information go "viral" as they say? In Bill Gates and Paul Allen's city the computer screwed up the Space Needle's spectacular show. Too funny.

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Grant M. Haller / Seattle P-I

Happy 2008 everyone, viruses and all.