Thursday, January 24, 2008


The weather here has been crystal clear and cold. My son visited his friends in Montana last weekend and in Missoula it was 11 below zero and this is not wind chill. Where my brother lives in Sheridan, MT, it was probably 30 below because it was 34 below in Butte. Here in Mukilteo, my morning thermometer has been reading 21 degrees above zero. Ok, so this would be a heat wave in Montana but it is still cold for us Puget Sounders. When our temperatures drop below freezing, the clouds disappear and the majesty of the mountains appears. It has been stunningly gorgeous. And for some reason, the moon has been particularly visible. We were looking at it the other night through our powerful binoculars and it is amazing---like we have not seen it in a while. A couple of days ago, we were drinking coffee and eating breakfast in our kitchen at about 8 AM and Lucas noticed the moon over Whidbey Island. I took a picture:

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Moonset over Whidbey Island