Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pretty Pictures

Yesterday, Lucas and I decided to have a ham sandwich picnic on a beach. We boarded a ferry and headed to Whidbey Island. My first choice was South Whidbey State Park but it is closed due to storm damage so we kept going to Fort Casey State Park. Five minutes to the ferry; a 20 minute ferry ride; and 20 more minutes to the park. The sun was bright and when we got out of the car, we noticed about a dozen black tail deer grazing with a bald eagle swooping overhead. Do we live in heaven or what? Apolo with nose to the ground never saw the deer, thankfully. I was a little concerned because the buck spotted him and took a few steps in our direction. Quickly, we walked down the bluff trail to the beach where there was not another living thing except for us and the sound of the waves.

I took some video on the beach with my flip and I will try to post that in another post. In the mean time, here are some pretty pictures.

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Looking east from Fort Casey, over Whidbey, to the Cascades.

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From same spot as above but a little to the left. Mount Baker.

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Everett with Cascades, taken from the ferry as we pulled into Mukilteo ferry dock.

Twas a nice day for a ham sandwich on the beach. Today, the clouds returned.