Monday, February 18, 2008

Heading East

Over the weekend, we drove to Spokane. Yes, indeed. I said we DROVE. A surprise 60th family birthday party had been planned for Dave's sister quite some time ago. Dave's brother lives in Spokane and his sister lives another 30 minutes east on I-90 in Post Falls, Idaho. With all of the snow and avalanche problems causing us to fly to Walla Walla, we were not wanting to spend additional funds on flying yet again over the mountains. Luckily, the 30 foot snow pile up has slowed down and the roads were easily passable during the entire 5 hour journey to Spokane on I-90.

But the snow is still up there and in addition, Spokane had two to three feet of snow still mostly unmelted. As such, I did a couple of videos to illustrate. It is so weird because in 45 minutes, you drop down out of the mountains to no snow, green grass and flowers down here at sea level. The first video is Snoqualmie Pass and the second is in front of Dave's brother's house in Spokane.