Friday, February 08, 2008

Seattle to Walla Walla

The only flights that leave the Walla Walla airport come to Seattle. Even with bad winds and a bumpy flight, the one hour between Seattle and Walla Walla is pleasant especially knowing we are flying over thirty feet of snow in the passes.

Kaley's recital was beautiful. Dave and I were trying to control ourselves. Both of us were tearing up and I almost started sobbing. Our daughter would have been horrified. The recital room was filled with her friends and teachers. She sang a gorgeous selection of pieces that showed off her voice exquisitely. Handel, Debussy, and Mozart were among them. The long blue gown sparkled as did her big blue eyes. But the voice.....!

It is hard to explain how it feels to be a parent of such a gift. And this is what it is--a God given talent we had nothing to do with.

Kaley's friend took pictures. When I get them, I will post.