Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Cool!

A bald eagle woke me up this morning. We have two bald eagles who hang out in our neighborhood and one of them is very verbal. They have a distinctive call and if you wonder what they sound like, think about the opening of the TV show Northern Exposure.

Next, I am drinking my coffee and looking at my newspapers when I look up and realize I am not seeing the neighbor's white German Shepherd, Molly, as usual in their backyard. Instead, I was staring at a coyote! My eyes widened and an "Oh my......!" came out of my mouth. He trotted over their landscaped rockery and ran along our back fence. I couldn't believe it. All of that looking in Joshua Tree National Park did not yield a coyote but I see one right in my own backyard.

A few minutes after that a tug boat putted by pulling a giant log raft with harbor seals enjoying themselves on their "seal cruise." While I was watching them stretch and yawn, noisy bald eagle swooped right in front of my eyes.

All of this happened before 7:30 this morning. 'Tis a busy place!"