Sunday, February 24, 2008

You Gotta Get Outside!

When the weather turns wonderful like it has been the last week or so, Pacific Northwesterners all go outside. Yesterday, Dave was supposed to be grading papers, our yard needed work, and our house was a gigantic mess but we took off. Dave had been jealous when we took my Mom to Chuckanut Drive. With a clear day and the mountains in view, we headed north to see the snow geese, the swans, and to take a little hike in Larrabee State Park.

What started out as a little .9 mile walk to a view point turned into about a 5 mile hike round trip. Fragrance Lake was another 1.1 miles past the view point and of course, once you reach a lake you must take the trail around the lake. The elevation gain was about 1200 feet so it was enough for a little huffing and puffing on the way up and some knee pain on the way back.

This is not wilderness by any means. Probably, most every Bellingham citizen was on the trail along with all of the dogs who live north of Everett. But it was a pleasant jaunt especially since 45 minutes further towards the mountains, there is at least 10 feet of snow preventing nice little hikes to mountain lakes until about July. The first video is from the viewpoint off of the trail. The second video is at Fragrance Lake and forgive me for yet another dog-fetching-stick video but Apolo makes me laugh. The last video is the trail on our way back but very close to the view point.