Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dinner Party--Who Would You Invite?

My daughter is home for two weeks because it is her spring break. My son left for Chile a couple of weeks ago after having been home for a month and a half. We consider ourselves to be empty nesters but our nest isn't always empty, I guess. My children as young adults are fascinating people with whom I enjoy sharing meal time discussions so I welcome them home. I know that all too soon, these visits will be shorter and fewer. I will plug Kaley's blog again and plug Lucas's new blog.

Lucas started a blog to document his experiences and adventures in Chile where he will be teaching English to university students in Melipilla outside of Santiago. Of course, he has already made friends and is working on becoming fluent in his third language.


Kaley continues to write about food and culture and music on her blog:


Another reason for my post today is that Kaley and I had a discussion over our morning coffee about who we would invite to a dinner party if we could pick anyone from the past or present. Which people would get along? Who would you like to question? What conversations between these people would you like to listen to? Naturally, Kaley had a terrific group of composers, artists, gay folks and topped with Martha Stewart to complete the occasion. She would invite Queen Elizabeth I, Mozart, Poulenc, Dr. Pickett (one of her music professors), Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Leonardo Da Vinci, Maria Callas (opera singer) and the author, Toni Morrison. Also, she would include her best friend's grandmother who was the first woman to get a veterinary degree in Peru and Martha Stewart who she admires and reveres as a genius.

My list was quite different reflecting my passions. Topping my invitees would be Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To be honest, I'd enjoy a dinner with them with no other guests but Kaley said I had to invite 8 or 10 for a lovely party. So in addition to Jesus and Mary, I would ask Al and Tipper Gore who Dave and I could so be best friends with. Next would be Sacajawea. I really would like the inside scoop on Lewis and Clark so I'd sit next to her. Thomas Jefferson would be fun. He knew a lot about wine as well as pretty much everything else. Dave would love to talk science with him and wine. Kaley said I'd have trouble keeping Jefferson from hitting on Sacajawea. My gay guest would be Michaelangelo. I'd like to know what Jesus thought about his art work.

I'd seat Susan B. Anthony next to the Gores. I mean, OMG, she was arrested and went on trial for voting in a presidential election. She voted a straight republican ticket and was found guilty of a crime and fined but not imprisoned. Even though I'd like to think that voting for republicans was the crime, it really was because it was illegal for a woman to vote. Yep, black men had the right to vote before women. I am fascinated by people like Susan B. Anthony who are ahead of their time. What was it that caused her to speak out against the evils of slavery years before the Civil War? Alcohol abuse and then womens' rights were also on her agenda. She could read and write at the age of three. Sometimes I think that incredibly bright people have a gift for seeing injustice at a time when their views are against the mainstream. We should listen to these folks instead of criticize them. Probably, I'd not put Susan near Thomas Jefferson. She'd surely give him an earful.

Bishop Desmond Tutu would be on my list and I'd seat him with Jesus and Mary. Jesus would like him a lot, I think. And if Tutu is wrong about a couple of things, he'd listen. Tutu is one of these bright people who sees injustice yet some of his ideas are not liked much by the church establishment. Hmmmm! Yea, Jesus was like that, too.

Lastly, I'd like my English Grandpa to come. I have so many questions about his life up on Stevens Pass and why it is he left England to come to the wilderness of Washington. He was an amateur painter so he'd enjoy meeting Michaelangelo. Certainly, he'd have interesting banter with Jefferson as well. Jefferson would love to hear the stories of the railroad being punched through the Cascade mountains to the coast. I don't think my Grandpa would get along with Susan B. Anthony at first though I know he would agree with her views on alcohol---not sure about women's rights, however. Mary Magdalene and Susan would gang up on him and change his mind.

What a lively party this would be! I would serve mussels, salmon and roasted vegetables. As a side dish, I'd include pasta with olive oil and red pepper flakes. Lots of fresh bread and wine would be set at both ends of the table so everyone could continue to eat and drink into the wee hours. Jesus could stay awake, I'm quite certain.

Tipper and I would then quickly go into the kitchen and bring out the creme brulee and chocolate cake with some decaf coffee. Susan might not help. But that's ok because she is working on my Grandpa.

Ah, in my dreams.