Thursday, June 12, 2008


Mukilteo Musings is going to change a little. We have received the worst possible news this week. I confess I have been arrogant about my health and proud of the way I have taken care of myself. Despite that, after not feeling great for a couple of months and thinking it was menopause issues, I went to the doctor who scheduled me for a colonoscopy. That test plus several others this week have determined that I have colon cancer that has spread to my liver. This is not good and I am fully aware of the ramifications.

My dear husband has managed to get me in with the best docs UW has to offer and we are proceeding. We meet with an oncologist tomorrow.

So, to any of you who visit here from time to time, your thoughts and prayers for my family and me will be felt and appreciated.

Please, Lord, let me be the woman who touches your cloak.