Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inspirational People

During the day, I think a lot about three people. First is my friend Patti who died two years ago of cancer. She waged a strong battle and survived many years with quality of life until she passed on. Second, I think about Elizabeth Edwards who delayed getting her mammograms and is now kind of in a holding pattern with the cancer controlled to a certain extent. Third, of course, is Lance Armstrong and I am in the process of reading his book. Lots of positive stories exist out there and they do provide hope and inspiriation.

I was hoping I'd be feeling better than I do right now a few days after my chemo. The problem I have unlike many breast cancer patients is that I started this whole process being sick to begin with. The pain is less but I am so wiped out. All I want to do is walk my puppy and sometimes just getting up to go to the bathroom or to take a shower is all I can manage. I ate more today so this is good.

Again, I am amazed at the support of all of our friends. Please forgive me if I do not send individual thank you notes. I am just not up to it. All of the food and the Edible arrangement and breakfast items are appreciated and gone, I might add. Last night, Dave was really tired trying to take care of everything. My Mom is helpful and so are my kids but there is just a lot to keep a household going when the Mom is sick. And Apolo is mostly my dog so he is completely out of control and obnoxious and disrupting everything.

I have two bald eagles I watch everyday and I call them my protectors. They sit up in the trees like two guards and I love them.

I am hanging in there with your support!