Friday, June 27, 2008

Spa Places

Unfortunately, I have been watching a lot of TV and am completely bored with it. But, I have a hard time concentrating so my books don't get too many pages read at a time. I really hate those bloody CSI, Criminal Minds, Cold Case---you know they all start with a "C" and they scare the bejeebers out of you at 10 PM when they flash a burned, shot, or decapitated body on the screen with loud music right when a person might be dosing off. Then of course, they switch to beautiful crime solvers and beautiful houses and scenery. The other night, one of those shows had someone murdered in a spa treatment place for celebrities.

Probably, cancer spa treatment centers exist. It is not something I have googled. But I was thinking how lovely it would be to be able to be in such a place with your family. Your family could be waited on as if in a resort. The patient could just be pampered with massages and facials and given pain pills by the nurses who monitor everything. Your priest and healer could be right there. Whatever food sounds good to you would be available. And you could get your chemo right there. You could be draped in wonderful robes and lowered into relaxing waters with clean towels, sheets, and washcloths constantly. Such a plan is probably not a part of any presidential candidate's health care plan.

I mean I am not complaining because I have a lovely bathroom and tub with resort like views. But it is hard to get in a car and drive to go get your blood drawn or have chemo when you are not feeling well. And poor Dave is so busy with keeping up with work and keeping the household going, that pampering me 24 hours a day isn't possible. Besides, I want my family to carry on their normal lives and routines as best they can.

But no, cancer is not something that can be wiped away at a spa. A certain amount of suffering is involved and it is not fun---not one bit enjoyable. The trick is to focus focus focus on certain parts of the day where I am feeling comfortable and the pain is buffered. My goal is to have good shares of each day like that where I take time to read some of the wonderful cards and letters I have received even if I have read them before. You are sending me such wonderful messages of hope.

And then I can just pretend I am in a cancer spa!