Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank You All for the Kind Thoughts

When I found out the news, one of the first things I did was to meet with my priest. He is the one that suggested I blog about my feelings--to be observant and take notes and share them. Also, watching TV about Tim Russert was getting to me so I need to do something else. My husband and I have been touched deeply by the outpouring of love from friends all over Seattle. It is absolutely amazing. I know I am now scary for people because what has happened to me is everyone's biggest fear. This has always been my biggest fear, too. Well, sort of. Actually, my biggest fear was breast cancer but leave it to me, a woman's rights advocate, to get a cancer that attacks more men.

I am grateful to live in Seattle. My care and treatment will be just down the freeway. Lots of folks have to figure out to manage to find a place to stay here to come for doctor visits and treatment from far away. We met the oncologist today at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance which is associated with UW and the Fred Hutchison Cancer Center. The first thing I noticed when we parked in the parking garage was a cigarette butt on the floor. It bugged me--a lot. I mean folks, at least try to take steps to avoid getting this disease, you know?

When we walked into the waiting room, I had a sense of entering a new world and my new reality. Lots of people were there. Cancer is an equal opportunity disease, that's for sure. Old people, men, women, young people, poor people, wealthy people (you look at their rings--you can tell), black people, Asian people, Hispanics, fat people, skinny people all together including me. It wasn't depressing. They have a great view of Lake Union and I noticed a kindred soul with his binoculars watching out the window. Issues of my favorite magazine, Coastal Living, were on the tables and they offered juice while you wait.

I certainly did not choose this but no one does. I am off on a new adventure.