Friday, July 18, 2008

And Life Continues

1. Dave has been staying home with me since all of this started. After 30 years at the UW without ever having taken much vacation, he has their support. Of course, he is connected by phone and computer and is still managing to keep up. Also, he has done a bunch of things around the house from building a flower box and BBQ work station on our deck, to repainting a weathered part of the front of our house that has been bugging me for 4 years. He still is making me my smoothies and fixing meals. What a guy!

2. Lucas landed a full time job with benefits. And it is very much a Lucas job where he is able to use his language skills, his linguistic skills, and his geography skills. He said they have a library with language dictionaries and maps and other items making it akin to a candy store for Lucas. The company evaluates foreign credentials for different corporations hiring people from abroad. The company was started by someone from the University of Montana in Missoula so Lucas' UM degree helped. A big thank you to Larry and Chuck who I know put in a good word for my boy.

3. Kaley is in Italy participating in her opera festival. Unfortunately, she has developed an infected blister on her foot that isn't helping her. Positive thoughts for the healing of her foot so she can have some fun!

4. Dave and I each have a nephew named Scott. My nephew, Scott and his wife Megan just had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago which I had mentioned. Dave's nephew Scott and his wife were pregnant at the same time and their baby boy, Michael Alexander, was born yesterday in London, England. First babies for both.

5. I continue to be so grateful for the love and support from everyone. My neighbors have been so generous with gifts of cherries and flowers and hugs. One neighbor fixed us an entire dinner which came at a particular moment when we didn't know what we were going to do for dinner. It was halibut and it actually tasted good to me. Also, I feel so comfortable knowing that when I am alone because Dave has gone into a meeting (like now), I am surrounded by people who would help me if I needed something. I cannot express how secure this makes me feel.

6. We all have those skinny jeans in the drawer, right? Usually, it is a thing of joy and celebration to fit into the skinny jeans. Well, not for me. My clothes are hanging on me but I pulled out the skinny jeans. I do not think I have lost too much weight in the last two weeks. The big loss was from before. I would like to put on a few pounds but it is a challenge when I do not feel ravenous.

7. Actually, I am amazed at the number of our friends and acquaintances who have stepped out of the shadows to offer me pot. Oh my--I never knew! My oncologist is supportive and filled out the required papers for me to qualify for medical marijuana. Under the law, there is a place where I would be required to obtain it. It would not be legal for me to accept a little help from my friends. I am still thinking about it.

8. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed legal man-made pot in pill form. All of the information says it does not work as effectively as the real thing. I took one last night and it made me feel weird and dizzy. I did not feel euphoric nor did I particularly feel hungry. In fact, it sort of enhanced my propensity to worry and I could not follow "The Colbert Report." Anything that messes with my enjoyment of the "Daily Show" or Steven Colbert is not worth it. I don't know if the real thing would simply be an exaggeration of what I felt last night. If so, it does not appeal to me.

9. At least Henry's Donut works for me. Seriously, as long as I eat them in small amounts and slowly, they go down pretty well.

10. Finally, I have always believed in refrigerator goals. It has been kind of a family joke between Kaley and me. If there is something worth striving for---put it on the refrigerator and eventually, it will happen. I have put my list up and it includes simple things. The simple things in life are what are truly worthwhile like being able to go out to dinner and enjoy the food and wine.