Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dear Old Friends

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L-R standing: Barb, Annie, me, Tina, Cathy. Seated: Leslie and Vida

Yesterday and Friday evening were wonderful because of seeing my dear old friends. These women have known me my whole life. They do not always agree with me on politics and so forth but the really important stuff--like faith--our hearts are pretty close. Actually, I misspoke in the post below. I met Cathy in the second grade, Annie and Vida in the third grade, and Tina, Barb, and Leslie in 8th grade. Tina and I were college roommates at Montana State. My friends are probably among the most wonderful people on earth. Actually, not probably--they are! Everyone of them is smart and loving and good.

They brought me a ton of presents which Apolo helped open. One of the best was a little book, "Prayers Through Cancer" by women who have suffered through it. It has stories about fears, joys, and feelings along with Bible verses and prayers to match. What I like about it is that it has identified many of my exact thoughts and has given me a way to pray more effectively. Every gift was different and perfect. They know me so well. Annie, my Portland friend, brought slug lapel pins for us all to wear in honor of the Pacific Northwest!

I loved being able to catch up on their lives. None of us are spared great burdens. We have lost parents suddenly and tragically. One of my friends is a breast cancer survivor, another has diabetes, one just had back surgery, and two of them have had seriously ill husbands. All of us have managed our difficult times with faith. At the same time, one of my friends is a grandmother, two of them have engaged daughters, and another has two new 6 month old cocker spaniel puppies.

Another topic we discussed was medical marijuana. Unfortunately, I have lost more weight than my doctors want me too. My problem is appetite. Sometimes I cannot eat and nothing sounds good. I may have been a child of the 60's and 70's, but I never ever tried mj. Washington allows a person with my illness to possess or grow marijuana for medical purposes. The advantage it would give me is not only pain relief but it boosts appetite and is a terrific antidote for anorexia. My friends thought it might be a good idea.

The problem is, you can get a doctor to sign a certificate allowing you to possess or grow marijuana, but then it seems you are on your own to find a source. As you may expect, this being the Pacific Northwest and all, I have had a couple of offers from friends (not the above friends). I just wish there was a marijuana pharmacy with some quality control so I would know whatever I injested was safe. Sure, we could try to grow it but we cannot even grow a tomato. Certainly, I do not want to get my husband or children in trouble because they would be the gardeners, not me. I just want to feel like eating which is one of the great joys of life! It is funny but I never paid much attention to this issue when it was being argued about in our legislature. This remains a dilemma for us.

My friends enjoyed themselves in Seattle. Leslie, from Missoula, managed driving through the traffic downtown which she had never done before. They visited Pike Place Market and brought me flowers and Pain au Chocolats from Le Panier Bakery.

I look forward to seeing them all again when I am well.