Saturday, July 12, 2008

Enjoying Life

Up until yesterday, I have had this sadness or something. All of our remodeling is done and the weather is lovely but I have had this attitude that I can't enjoy it because now I am sick. Like, what's the use of our nice bathroom, now?

This weekend, I was supposed to go to Montana for a reunion with my childhood friends. There are seven of us. Five of us have been friends since elementary school days and the other two joined the group in junior high. Three of them live in Montana, two in Colorado and one in Portland. The last time we got together was in Oregon for our fiftieth birthdays so this time was for 55. After all of this happened, these wonderful women decided to drive to Seattle and visit me.

Our house has become kind of messy with the kids home and me out of commission for major cleaning. But Dave decided to dig in. He vacuumed and mopped and hung pictures we had intended to hang after the contractors left. I decided I wanted a big bouquet of hydrangeas for the dining room table and I managed to accomplish this little task. I do love our house. It is my dream house in every way and we do not plan to move.

When my friends arrived last evening, I felt up to giving them a tour. My attitude changed. All of a sudden I realized there is no reason for me not to enjoy being in my house. Our garden is beautiful and of course, our views are lovely. As I walk through my house or look out the windows, I smile.

If I have to be sick, I'm lucky we live in this house.