Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Needless to say, my Fourth is a little quiet. I had blood work done yesterday to see if chemo can go as scheduled on Monday. We went to Providence Everett for the blood draw because it is closer and then they sent the results to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. My chemo will go as scheduled Monday but I am terribly anemic which I have been since the beginning of all of this which is one of the symptoms that has made me feel lousy and weak. So, SCCA called me and we ended up driving into Seattle after all for more blood work so they could cross type and match everything. Tomorrow, Saturday, I will go in for a transfusion. Hopefully, this will make me feel stronger through this second round of chemo.

Anyway, my puppy Apolo hates fireworks and we had a terrific thunder and lightening storm the night before last. Between both of these things, he has decided that the laundry room no longer makes him feel safe. Every night, he now whines to go downstairs to our rec room. Probably, he hears and sees less down there. I don't know--the room is still full of windows like a sun room but at least he is sleeping happily now.

Yesterday was an extremely low tide. Dave and Lucas walked down to our beach and dug a bunch of clams. Clams or chowder sound terrible to me right now so my request for dinner was French toast. Dave steamed a bunch of clams and then made a pot of chowder which both he and Lucas ate. Kaley was actually in downtown Seattle with a friend for dinner. But they did fix me French toast and not only did they enjoy their clams, they also ate French toast along with me. You know what? Even typing this is about to make me barf. Kaley was horrified when she got home and realized the menu of the evening was clams and French toast.

My Mom has returned to Montana. It was nice to have her here. Times like this you still need your Mommy---especially since she is a cancer survivor. She will be back again for another of my chemo's.