Friday, July 25, 2008

July Sunset

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Sunset last night.

My Mom left this morning. She claims I have improved quite a bit since she was visiting the first time. I agree with her. I am feeling more normal instead of sick all of the time. The food thing is still a problem with dinners being the most difficult.

I am still thinking about the marijuana option as private offers continue to trickle in. The problem is, marijuana is still highly illegal according to the feds and law school 101 tells you that federal law trumps state law. As such, joining the medical marijuana community in Seattle is like entering the witness protection program. I have had at least three mysterious calls where they have had to check out my doctor and me to verify I am trying to obtain it for legal reasons. Recently, there was a police raid on a medical marijuana clinic in Seattle where they took patient records and snooped around. Evidently, a neighbor smelled marijuana and called the police. I do believe these may be the same folks I have been communicating with. The police realized they had made a mistake and nothing came of it. However, it all makes you realize how risky this can be. In order to be able to obtain marijuana, I would have to participate in an orientation meeting informing me of the law and what I can and cannot do. Frankly, I am not physically up to something like this. I would simply like a prescription with directions on how and when to take it.

It is maddening when there is a widely available though illegal substance that apparently works well for many people allowing a return of appetite, enjoyment of food, and weight gain for strength. The legal man-made pot that I took several days ago which is known to not work as well as the real thing cost $700 a bottle. Yep! It makes you wonder if somebody is more interested in profit than the well-being of sick and injured people.

My doctors prescribed for me another medication to help with appetite and weight gain and I am giving it a try now. One of the side effects is diarrhea which I do not need. The good news is that Henry's Donut and Costco muffins have kept me from losing more weight. But I want to feel like I am able to enjoy a lovely dinner. That's all!

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After sunset last night.